How is the Aviation Industry Affecting the Balance of the Ecosystem?

Conserving our ecosystem is now one of the hotly debated and most discussed topics across the world. Several firms in different fields are spending millions of dollars to create eco-friendly products and also change their working ways in order to contribute their part towards a greener environment.
Impact on Travel Industry

The travel industry is no exception to this and certainly needs to be concerned about the balance of the ecosystem, especially the aviation industry. The airline industry is definitely affecting the environment in many ways. Though measures are being taken by the authorities to reduce its impact on the environment, more stringent steps have to be implemented in order to experience positive results in a shorter term. We hear several things about the environmental costs of flight travel. Here’s a quick look at few ways in which the aviation industry is affecting the ecological balance.

Impact of Airline Industry on Environment

The airline industry, which ferries thousands of travelers across the globe, is of immense concern to those on the quest of conserving the ecosystem. The major concern of this field is
the greenhouse gas emissions and their climate change implications. Aviation generates at least 2% of the emissions. Of late, the industry has been working on this issue and launching newer aircraft with fuel-efficient engines, which imply that the carbon emissions are reduced.

Though, all airlines may not be able to afford purchasing newer planes, particularly those in the poorer nations. This is one of the most adverse impacts that the aviation industry has on the environment, thus affecting the ecological balance.

Aircraft are Major Contributors to Global Warming

A recent study indicates that aircraft cause more global warming when compared to cars or buses. Aircraft emissions, which are more damaging and persistent than ground level emissions, will contribute even more to global warming soon. The issue is not just that aircraft burn plenty of fuel, thus kicking out lots of carbon dioxide per passenger.

Just as significant are a bunch of other high altitude environmental impacts like ozone production and vapor trails, which are generally assessed to cause as much global warming as the carbon dioxide itself. The relative effect of various kinds of travel does not only depend upon practical aspects like occupancy rates and engine efficiency but also on something that is more abstract like the time frame.

A very important reason is that the impacts of diverse greenhouse gases affect the environment at varying speeds. The carbon dioxide emissions, from all vehicles that burn fuel, may remain in the air for several centuries, resulting in a gentle warming impact. On the other hand, the other impacts like tropospheric ozone and vapor trails produced by aircraft at a higher altitude cause much stronger but short-term warming bursts.

Impact on the Overall Carbon Foot-Print

Though it is said that air travel contributes to only a small part of global emissions, just a single transatlantic flight can add almost a year’s driving carbon footprint. Airlines are incorporating various measures to reduce this carbon footprint, but still, every passenger also needs to ensure to contribute his part towards a greener environment by following eco-friendly ways when traveling. Whether you travel with cheap business class tickets or economy class tickets on an aircraft, do whatever is possible from your end while traveling to conserve the environment you live in!

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Michael Adrian is an environmental conservation consultant working for a reputed environment protection research company for the airline industry. His dream is to achieve big by inventing new ways to help the aviation industry conserve the environment. He travels to various places across the globe for his research work by booking cheap tickets from

Latest Advancements in the Department of In-Flight Entertainment are the Latest Rage

Tete-a-Tete with 8 Awesome Benefits of In-Flight Audio

The competition in airlines industry is encouraging companies to come up with innovative ideas to serve their customers better, and charm them. The companies are leaving no stone unturned to create value for their passengers in whichever way possible. Some industry players bet on their price by offering cheap business class tickets or discounted airfare rates, while others focus on their efficiency, connectivity, and services.

Few of the services are very basic that almost every airlines follow like serving food and beverages even for a short duration flight. However, a very important customer service agenda that should be given enough importance is in-flight entertainment or what is commonly known as IFE. This can prove to be a very valuable tool to provide services par excellence to the passengers. IFE is not just related to television shows and movies, but it has a very wider aspect if looked upon closely.

Here are the prominent benefits of implementing in-flight entertainment for passengers as well as airlines –
The unique requirements of the airlines can be met by appointing expert audio teams of IFE service providers, who can provide channels tailored to specific preferences. For instance, if your company is more popular amongst business travelers, then for the entertainment channels can be an utter waste of time and beyond their interest. For them, you can opt for business channels or news channels. Likewise, for holidaymakers, their taste of entertainment can be vastly different.

The audio teams of IFE providers who are associated with people from music industry or radio will have strong contacts with the popular record labels, which means that you can create a vast song library in your flight audio system.

Top in-flight audio systems use eminent radio DJs who are well known and admired by people. Channels hosted by leading DJs bring a lot of styles and added quality to channels. By installing audio channels in the flight, companies can use this platform brilliantly for promotional activities. You can advertise on-board merchandises and services to the customers such as duty-free products, new routes, and destinations covered.

Having a huge library of tracks implies that broad range of music genres can be enjoyed by the passengers onboard. This will cover all jazz, pop, rock, classical, and simply listening.

Even audiobooks can be of a lot of value to the passengers. People love audio books and with this, you can offer a different experience to flight borders apart from music. This can work phenomenally well for long flights. Instead of just confining to audio music, by giving your customers an option to enjoy music videos, you can entertain them even more.

There is a very interesting concept called pzzizz available for airlines. Passengers wanting to relax and have a peaceful sleep will love this product. This is definitely like going one step forward to serve your customers.
All the aforementioned points will be beneficial to passengers as they can enjoy their travel with these entertainment provisions on-board, while airline companies can promote this aspect as their USP and attract more people to choose their flight.

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Few Things to Consider While Buying Business Class Air Tickets Online

Your Guide to Buying Business Class Air Tickets the Right Way

If a person is looking for cheap business class tickets, then he should definitely be putting in some efforts to get the best deal. He can go through several booking sites, change his traveling date, and wait for the right time to buy the tickets. But if a person has no time or has a very little time before he travels, then by following the below mentioned steps, he can save big. Read on to know how to save your money, time, and also efforts easily.

1. You should avoid buying business class flight tickets during the peak season as it might cost you a lot of money. The prices of air tickets rise if you buy them 21 days, 14 days, 7 days or 3 days before flying. If you are planning a trip abroad, it is advised to book your airline tickets at least three to six months in advance to save big.

2. You can also buy business flight tickets at a lower price even at the last minute if the airline has failed to fill their planes. There are several airlines out there that extend weekly newsletters to its customers so as to inform them about their last minute deals.

3. Make sure never to book the first fare or travel deal that you come across. Take time and browse the internet and try finding a few major online travel providers. Going through different travel providers would give you a general idea as to which airline to prefer. After going through the providers, you can also visit the appropriate airline’s website directly to see if the same flights are available for any cheaper. There is one such website, that can help you find cheap business class tickets.

4. Many people can be seen confused as they find it a little difficult to realize when to stop tracking fares and make the final purchase. But, for your ease there are various websites that can advise you either to book your tickets now or wait, depending on whether the ticket fare is expected to drop or rise.

5. Earlier, it surely was a little difficult job to find first-class airlines. But, with the advanced internet facilities, it has become one of the really easy jobs. But there still exists few airlines whose tickets cannot be found anywhere other than their own websites. So, make sure to check every potential airline service before making your final call.

6. Many times, the airfare prices go down after you have booked your tickets. And in that case, you can surely ask for a refund. It might be little difficult to get the refund back and it also depends on the policies of the airline. Many airlines do refund the amount, but they just don’t publicize it. So, it is not going to hurt anyone if you ask for a refund. The aforementioned points are a must and should be considered by every traveler while booking business class airline tickets in order to avail the maximum benefit.

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4 Ways to Cut Down Your Carbon Footprint while Flying

Catching flights every now and then has become a routine for thousands of people from business and corporate backgrounds. In today’s world, where the need for smarter and greener technologies are continuously increasing, it is important that we, as travelers, take certain steps for making our flights greener.

We have mentioned 4 tips that can help people make their flights more efficient in terms of energy usage. Everything, right from choosing an aircraft, to seating arrangements of your flight and also the timing of the flight, everything has an implication on the efficiency of a flight.

Some of the important factors to be considered are the load factor of the passenger, freight share, fuel economy, and distance. These are all important factors for measuring flight carbon footprints. One of the good news is that efficiency of air travel has gone up by 20% since thirteen to fourteen years ago in 2000, which in turn saves the United States $33 billion on fuel and it also prevents around 670 billion pounds of CO2 from being emitted.

Choose a Bigger Plane: Bigger planes consume lesser fuel due to the greater capacity. Depending upon the fuel consumed by a plane per capacity pound-mile we can easily find that bigger planes are more fuel efficient compared to smaller ones. United Airlines and Cathay Pacific offer the passengers the most fuel-efficient planes and the smaller ones from ExpressJet and American Eagle are less efficient. Today 15% more passengers flow on fuel-efficient planes compared to 2000.

Go for a Non-Stop Flight: Distance traveled is one of the biggest determinants of the footprint of a passenger. You can buy cheap business class tickets and go on your flight for less but if you are on a flight that has multiple stops then you know for the fact that you are covering more distance. You should know that a plane’s ascent and take off take more fuel compared to what is consumed at the flying altitudes. This naturally makes the short haul flights less efficient compared to the ones that go long non-stop.

A Fuller Flight: It is almost a no-brainer here. Any flight that carries a number of passengers will naturally be more fuel efficient and will have lesser carbon footprint per passengers. Most people travel on the flights that are around 80% full and on the other hand an average plane is around 74% full. The time of the year during which the passengers fly also contributes towards the efficiency factor. Summertime is the best to travel with more people for a vacation.

Check if the airline transports both cargo and people: 78% of all commercial flights carry extra cargo beyond luggage and passengers. Even then during the last decade, the average freight that was carried went down by nearly half. This directly relates to an increased load factor of the passenger. This means the flights were filled with more passengers and the space for the cargo were less or there was no space left for cargo.

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Iwan Flat is a frequent traveler to Europe and Australia and recommends for buying affordable business class flight
tickets. Iwan enjoys traveling, reading books and watching movies.

Four Must-Follow Tips for Tech-Savvy Business Travelers

Business Travel Guide for Frequent Travelers

Today’s business travelers are close to technology than ever before. However, more technology doesn’t always mean more efficiency. Apart from the main objective of the trip, savvy business travelers look out for future possibilities with contacts in that area.
For them, every moment is precious and cautiously planned out. And that is when portable technology comes into the picture. Here is a list of four traveler tips that can help you save enough time that you can effectively utilize to meet your trip’s objective.

1) Priority Pass

The airport lounges are not just meant for business and first class travelers anymore. With a particular fee, a person can obtain a day pass, which is available from the airline and costs around $25.00. And if you are a business traveler then priority pass is highly recommended for you as it is more of a membership program that can grant you access to over 600 VIP lounges in over 100 countries. The relaxing environment of the lounges with internet and conference can let you proceed with your job without any disturbance.

2) Hotel Apps

Nowadays, many hotels and resorts have a new app for almost all smartphones and tablets. The app lets you control your stay with a mere touch on your phone. With the help of this app, you can allot preferences for all your amenities and you can also order your meal to arrive in your room at the desired time. You can take appointments for spa, parlors, arrange transportation, find the local attractions and also make housekeeping requests without having to depend on the front desk. You can customize your whole stay even before you arrive.

3) Worldmate

This is a mobile travel app, which can be of great use to frequent business travelers. This app secures and forwards your confirmation emails and is very customizable and automatically synchronized. It can be your assistant to help you with your flight bookings, hotel reservations, car rentals and also your meetings, which is also shareable with your colleagues and assistants.

4) A Trusted Traveler

This is highly recommended for all business travelers. The security check at the airport consumes most of the time and the checks performed by TSA demands a lot of your time. But, if you are a member of Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program, your security check time is considerably deducted. However, this program requires an application process along with a rigorous background check, long interviews, and a heavy fee. But, once certified into the program, you no longer have to wait in the long lines at security checkpoints.

In this age of instant information, the aforementioned apps and programs can help you save plenty of time. Likewise, there are few sites as well that help you with the fast booking of flights. You can visit to book cheap business class tickets online, and not only save time but a good deal of money through various timely deals.

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5 Tips for Packing Your Golf Clubs for a Flight

A Guide to Carrying Golf Clubs in Flight- 5 Pointers

The luxury and convenience of travelling in a flight cannot be compared with any other mode of transportation. The air fare has also become very affordable due to more number of players entering this industry. You can even book cheap business class tickets now.

For golf players, travelling by flight may seem a hassling decision because of golf clubs carrying concern. Golf players can never move anywhere without their golf clubs. If you have a flight to catch and you want to pack your golf clubs, but don’t know how to go about it then this article will guide you on the same.  

  1. Travelling Case: The first thing you need to do is pick a travelling case. You have two choices here- either choose a hard case or a soft case. In most cases, soft one looks easy, but while travelling with airlines it is more recommended to use hard cases than soft. The main reason behind this is that soft cases are not insured by airlines and if something happens during flight then the baggage cannot be claimed. However, if you still want a soft case then you must find out some way to protect your golf clubs. But still, it is advised to give first preference to hard case for packing your clubs.  
  2. Items to Pack: You need to be extremely careful while picking and packing your clubs. Essentials like shoes, towel, and jackets should not be missed. It’s better to check with the airlines in which you are going to travel to know about their travelling restrictions like weight limits and restriction on certain items to carry. Planning these things in advance will help you to organize your clubs accordingly.
  3. Use Padding: It is important to provide some padding in your travel case while you pack the items. You can use your jacket, shoes, towels, or wind breakers as padding.
  4. Organized Packing: Golf clubs packing is very much similar to Tetris, where you need to fit in everything, leaving very minimal gaps between stuffs. Remember to shield your clubs with neoprene protection covers. Stuff your clubs by using shoes in the bottom so that it remains in the center position. Use towels in each side and zip it. Even now you will have some space left on the top, which you can utilize to pack your bigger items like wind breakers, and golf towels. Make sure you don’t leave any space empty; the case should be tightly packed with items.
  5. Identification Mark: After all your things are well settled inside the case, lock it and put a unique mark on the case. You could paint, mark, tie a colored ribbon or put some kind of identification to your golf case in order to make it recognizable and distinct from others. By doing this, you can easily spot your golf case when there are more than one of the similar type on the baggage collection belt.

Finally, don’t forget that airlines have certain weight restrictions, which vary from company to company. Just be prepared to quickly shuffle your things if there is overweight baggage situation.

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Tom Frank is a golf player who travels to many different places for golf tournaments. The inconveniences he has faced during his travel in flight encouraged him to write this blog. Tom does all his flight bookings from for best rates.