5 Tips for Packing Your Golf Clubs for a Flight

A Guide to Carrying Golf Clubs in Flight- 5 Pointers

The luxury and convenience of travelling in a flight cannot be compared with any other mode of transportation. The air fare has also become very affordable due to more number of players entering this industry. You can even book cheap business class tickets now.

For golf players, travelling by flight may seem a hassling decision because of golf clubs carrying concern. Golf players can never move anywhere without their golf clubs. If you have a flight to catch and you want to pack your golf clubs, but don’t know how to go about it then this article will guide you on the same.  

  1. Travelling Case: The first thing you need to do is pick a travelling case. You have two choices here- either choose a hard case or a soft case. In most cases, soft one looks easy, but while travelling with airlines it is more recommended to use hard cases than soft. The main reason behind this is that soft cases are not insured by airlines and if something happens during flight then the baggage cannot be claimed. However, if you still want a soft case then you must find out some way to protect your golf clubs. But still, it is advised to give first preference to hard case for packing your clubs.  
  2. Items to Pack: You need to be extremely careful while picking and packing your clubs. Essentials like shoes, towel, and jackets should not be missed. It’s better to check with the airlines in which you are going to travel to know about their travelling restrictions like weight limits and restriction on certain items to carry. Planning these things in advance will help you to organize your clubs accordingly.
  3. Use Padding: It is important to provide some padding in your travel case while you pack the items. You can use your jacket, shoes, towels, or wind breakers as padding.
  4. Organized Packing: Golf clubs packing is very much similar to Tetris, where you need to fit in everything, leaving very minimal gaps between stuffs. Remember to shield your clubs with neoprene protection covers. Stuff your clubs by using shoes in the bottom so that it remains in the center position. Use towels in each side and zip it. Even now you will have some space left on the top, which you can utilize to pack your bigger items like wind breakers, and golf towels. Make sure you don’t leave any space empty; the case should be tightly packed with items.
  5. Identification Mark: After all your things are well settled inside the case, lock it and put a unique mark on the case. You could paint, mark, tie a colored ribbon or put some kind of identification to your golf case in order to make it recognizable and distinct from others. By doing this, you can easily spot your golf case when there are more than one of the similar type on the baggage collection belt.

Finally, don’t forget that airlines have certain weight restrictions, which vary from company to company. Just be prepared to quickly shuffle your things if there is overweight baggage situation.

Author Bio

Tom Frank is a golf player who travels to many different places for golf tournaments. The inconveniences he has faced during his travel in flight encouraged him to write this blog. Tom does all his flight bookings from http://cheapbusinessclasstickets.com.au/ for best rates.